Our extensive list of holidaying combinations, day outings, exclusive activities, scenic flight options and many more, make us an ideal companion to help you create truly breathtaking experiences.

Why choose Wings & Wheels Tours?

Breath-taking Destinations

Namibia offers access to, and views of, breath-taking landscapes, fauna and flora is unmatched in its innocent beauty. Whether you wish to view it form the air or enjoy it in a vehicle over land, we offer it all.

Flexible Payment Platforms

We accept all major currencies including Bitcoin and our flexible payment platforms makes it easy for clients from all over the world to book and pay in a secure manner and without unnecessary exchange or currency issues. Simplify your next holiday and book and pay with us.

Wide Selection

Wings and Wheels offers you the opportunity to choose from an exciting collection of tailored holidaying options, activities, and outings. Whether you wish to have a guided experience or if you wish to experience the freedom of following your own heart, we cater for all combinations.

Experienced service providers

Our network of pilots, tour and lodge operators are all seasoned professionals in their respective disciplines and arranging any additional itineraries is a telephone call or email away.


and Flight Hour Accumulation

Come to the beautiful town of Swakopmund for your pilot training and accumulate flight hours while also appreciating the breathtaking scenery of one of the oldest desserts on the planet.

Accumulating flight hours can be an expensive endeavor, so why not consider us as a more affordable option? Make use of the opportunity to have some fun while travelling and enjoying activities unique to the region.

Please note we can also assist you to get a Namibian License Validation.

Give us a call for more information.



The mysterious landscape of Namibia is host to a great number of fauna and flora unique to the region and offers an experience like none other. Our service offering is not only limited to tourists but can also be enjoyed by locals.