Walvis Bay is the name of the bay on which it lies. It is the second largest city in the country. The city covers a total area of 29 square kilometres of land. The bay is a safe haven for sea vessels because of its natural deep-water harbour. The harbour is protected by the Pelican Point sand spit, being the only natural harbour of any size along the country’s coast. Rich plankton and marine life in these waters also draws large numbers of Southern Right whales, attracting whalers and fishing vessels.

Walvis Bay, with its large bay and sand dunes, is an important centre of attractions including an artificial Bird Island, centre of a guano collection industry, the notorious Dune 7, the salt works, abundant birdlife, and a museum.

The airport and port facilities has promoted growth in tourism, with many international tourists arriving by boat and plane. The natural beauty of the surrounding desert and ocean is quite unique, and definitely a contributing factor in the popularity of Walvis Bay.