The Pelican Point Lighthouse is a lighthouse overlooking the Atlantic Ocean from Pelican Point and a long sandbar guarding Walvis Bay. It was opened by the South African government in 1932. The round, cast-iron, 34-meter-high tower features a lantern and gallery and is painted in horizontal black and white bands.

Pelican Point is a unique stretch of land, with the untouched beaches of the Atlantic Ocean on the one side and the Lagoon of Walvis Bay on the other. The enchanting landscape demands a calmness of the soul.

Enjoy the mischievous nature of jackals, frolics of seals surfing the waves, while also spotting a dolphin or a whale. Bear witness to flocks of cormorants and flamingos as they nurture their chicks and take flight into the deeper waters of the lagoon. On clear days one can go off in search of that perfect photo opportunity by following fishing boats as they head to Walvis Bay.

A trip to Pelican Point offers ample opportunity to view Cape fur seals, jackals, dolphins, porpoise, sharks and other wildlife.