Wings and Wheels Tours is a unique combination between a love of nature and a zest for life. Located in the picturesque coastal town of Swakopmund, the business was founded by owner and pilot Andre Steenkamp. Born first and foremost form a place of passion, the brand’s entire focus is on creating unique and memorable experiences for life.

Having been a commercial pilot turned bush pilot for 27 years, Andre believed he had a unique perspective of the land, and in combination with his professional skills and experiences, was ideally positioned to offer clients unforgettable holidaying experiences.

Swakopmund, the surrounding towns and the wide-ranging selection of fauna and flora sets the ideal scene for tailored activities, special daytrips and a range of flexible tours offer clients from all over the world, the opportunity to experience what Namibia and the neighboring countries have to offer.

Andre has a comprehensive network of aviation partners, local tour, and lodge operators to ensure clients can truly make tailored decisions and create their ideal breakaways.

André Steenkamp

Andre was born and raised in Windhoek and matriculated from Academia Highschool in 1987. He started his pilot training in 1990 and obtained his Private Pilot’s License a few months later. In 1992 he completed his Commercial Pilot’s License and worked as a charter pilot (also known in the industry as a bush-pilot). During this time Andre regularly flew popular tourist routes such as the Skeleton Coast, Okavango Delta and Vic Falls until he joined Air Namibia in 1995.

Andre worked as the most junior pilot on the Beechcraft 1900 aircraft as First Officer. In 1996 he obtained his Airline Pilot’s License and became a B1900 Captain. Thereafter Andre also became a Boeing 737 and 747 First Officer, a Boeing 737 Captain, an Airbus 340 Captain, and an Airbus 330 Instructor Captain on International Flights. He underwent his Boeing training in South Africa and the Airbus training at Lufthansa in Frankfurt.

Andre’s career as an Airline Pilot spans 26 years and he accumulated almost 20 000 flight hours until the closure of the Airline in March 2021 when he was the 4th most senior pilot in Air Namibia, making Andre one of the safest and most skilled pilots any passenger can ask for!

In 2021 he decided to turn his passion for travel and adventure into a successful business venture. Andre enjoys nature, flying, traveling all over the world meeting new cultures and people. His has a down to earth approach, respects all people and with his compassionate approach to life, he naturally finds people interesting and an important part of his life.

Andre is described by many in the commercial flight business as a true professional with a flawless safety record, it’s not hard to understand the great respect he received from his cabin crews, ground-staff, and mechanics alike.

Andre shares his great sense of humor and holds all people in high regard. Andre truly, as many will tell you, lives up to his personal motto – to live a good life.

He is father to two teenage daughters that keeps his love for life going, and he is supported by his life partner. When he is not taking to skies or tearing up the dunes with tourists, Andre enjoys going for walks on the beach with his four dogs or taking to his fishing rod out to sea on his kayak.